Lawn Mower – The Basics

Lawn mower comes in various sizes, types, and price ranges, so you should do careful research before purchasing any particular kind. There is a wide range of things to consider: like the type and lawn size, what you can afford, how long the mower will last, and your mechanical abilities.

The best way to search is take a careful look at your lawn. If you want to replace your old mower, you might have already known what will work for you. If you have just moved into new home, you should know the length of the lawn you have. This is important because mower recommendations are partially based on your lawn size that is often measured in square feet.

Consider these steps before purchasing a lawnmower:

o Carefully walk around your lawn.
o Check if it is smooth.
o Does it have shady wet spots?
o Does it have surface root problems from a tree in your lawn?
o What type of obstacles is on the lawn?
o Is your lawn level, or is it on a slope?
o Take a realistic look at yourself.
o Do you enjoy mowing in the yard?
o Consider your budget. How much can you afford?
o How long will you live in your new home?

Once answered these questions, you can begin your research for the right machine. Check out different reel mowers and electric mowers too.

Kinds of Lawn Mowers

There are two basic kinds of mowers: reel lawn mowers and rotary lawn mowers. The first reel mowers were awkward and heavy. With gradual innovations and modifications, these mowers are now available with blades on a revolving cylinder to cut grass. They can cut lawns shorter than rotary mowers because of their shearing action. They are often used on golf courses. Their sheering action gives a cleaner cut and look to the lawn.

o Blade adjustment is critical to reel mowers.
o The bed knife needs to be adjusted just right to cut the grass properly.

Rotary mowers use a horizontal, flat blade that turns at an engine speed. There are many varieties available for rotary mulching mowers. They usually cut grass into fine pieces than any other traditional rotary mower. They are popular as they leave fine grass cuttings on the lawn. In addition, municipalities have encouraged homeowners to leave grass clippings on the lawn. They are easier on long grass. The spinning horizontal blade tends to bend the grass as it cuts. The mower blades of this type should be sharp enough to do a decent grass cutting job. The blades are easy to replace and sharpen.

There is a tough competition in the industry. As a result, a variety of models are made available to choose from. The best way to look for better choices is to surf the internet: look at your yard again and check the features and specifications of mowers. With this you will be able to make a final decision and can choose from best lawn mowers. There is no point in rushing into buying anything without being sure of what you need.

Lawn mower gives a cleaner cut and look to the lawn. provides comparative opinions of customers to help you choose from best lawn mowers. Lawn mower gives a cleaner cut and look to the lawn. provides comparative opinions of customers to help you choose from best lawn mowers.


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  1. Longer blades work well with larger mower for 2 acres, and typically are priced higher. When you’ve got a huge lawn, these blades will be your most reliable all-rounder. They can cover bigger areas in one go and trim more turf in one cut. You don’t need to traverse the same spot repeatedly and also complete your mower faster due to the rapid speed.

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