Mediatek Helio G95 Quad Core Mobile Phone With Double Camera and Dual Screen

The Redmi Note 10S with Windows Mobile OS 3.5 is the latest version of the popular handsets. It comes with a nice back camera and an eight mega pixel camera that allow the user to capture a moving picture. The Redmi Note 10S also comes with Windows Mobile 4.5. The dual touch screen has been especially designed to help the user track different functions of the mobile phone such as browsing, playing games, listening to music and much more. The handset runs on the Windows operating system which is also one of the major reasons for its high popularity.

One of the main unique features of this handset is the presence of a front and rear camera. The Redmi Note 10S offers a total of six modes and these include the standard picture, chronograph, image search, MMS, video and panoramic. The rear camera of the handset has an amazing resolution of eight megapixel, which is almost double of the average of the front cameras. There is a special feature called the double image sensor, which helps the user to snap photos even when the primary photo gets captured. This amazing feature helps the users to enjoy a better experience with the front and rear cameras.

The Redmi Note 10s has been equipped with the Helio G9500, a powerful dual-core processor that helps it to run efficiently and the phones are equipped with Windows operating system that offers a great web browsing experience. The phone is provided with 16 MB of RAM and also features a nice sized 2.3 inch capacitive multi-touch screen that looks extremely appealing. The screen is capable of displaying colors and images with ease and looks absolutely gorgeous. The phone is provided with a skin of Corning Gorilla Glass and also has a nice combination of platinum metal.

One of the main highlights of the redmi note 10s is its great camera. The camera has got an extremely large pixel with a reduced clarity, but still manages to capture a nice image. This is assisted by the fast charging feature of the Mediatek Helio G95 processor. It charges the phone up to three times faster than the normal rate and this enables the users to enjoy a charged battery for the next day. The charging also offers a quick charge to the device and allows the users to enjoy a fully charged battery in just two hours.

The battery life of the redmi note 10s is exceptionally good and the users can enjoy a battery life of about four to five hours. The battery features an advanced technology called Quick Charge and this is assisted by the Quick Charge technology of the Mediatek Helio G95 processor. This fast charge technology charges the cell batteries up to seventy percent within a short time. This feature helps in the users enjoying a long battery life of about seven to eight hours of operation. The charging system also helps in the users getting back on the go in a very short time as the phone can be charged in just about twenty minutes of its operation.

One of the major issues with the users of this handset is that it lags behind many other devices when it comes to the clock speed. However, the Redmi Note 10s clock speed is improved over the competition and this handset offers a smooth operating speed. The internal memory of the redmi note 10s has got expandable memory which allows the user to add more files. The users can further enhance the memory with an external memory card if required.

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